Quiz: Tilehurst boundaries

How well do you know the boundaries of Tilehurst? Try our fun quiz and find out how much you know about your local area.

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1. Tilehurst Parish (shown above) lies wholly within West Berkshire.

2. Which parish lies immediately to the west of Tilehurst Parish?

3. Which parish lies to the south of Tilehurst Parish?

4. Which electoral ward is this?

5. Which electoral ward is this?

6. Of which area is this the eastern boundary?

7. Tilehurst Parish lies within which electoral constituency?
8. Between 1898 and 1974 Tilehurst parish was part of Bradfield Rural District.

9. What boundary is shown on this map?
10. The present Tilehurst Parish was created on the extension of the Reading Borough boundary in 1919. What did it become known as at the time?

11. What is the boundary shown in the photo above?

12. Which Unitary Authority lies to the west of this boundary?

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