Draft Vision and Objectives

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A Vision for Tilehurst in 2028– a message from the future

  • In 2028 Tilehurst has a distinct character that makes it more than just a dormitory town.
  • Growing families and people at all stages of their lives choose to live here.
  • There are plentiful jobs in the expanding financial, technology and services sectors around Reading and the Thames Valley, whilst the arrival of the Elizabeth Line, previously known as Crossrail, has significantly improved transport links into Central London and beyond. In addition, many residents choose to work and run businesses from home.
  • Initially drawn by the location, residents have discovered a diversity of local attractions. Tilehurst borders the open countryside of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and, despite being quite densely populated, it has a real sense of being an escape from the city.
  • 10 years ago parts of Tilehurst were amongst the more deprived in West Berkshire. Now, there is a real sense of community: everyone who lives and works here is sharing in its success.

Tilehurst Neighbourhood Plan: Objectives

Tilehurst has a distinct character that makes it more than just a dormitory town – it is a desirable place to bring up a growing family:

  1. Within the Parish, we now have access to good
    • local schools
    • recreation facilities
    • health facilities
    • a range of local shops to complement larger shops further afield
  2. We have ensured there are effective ‘joined up’ transport links within and beyond the Parish
  3. The built environment is planned to minimise crime

Tilehurst is a good place to live for all age groups.

  1. There is adequate provision of suitable properties for older residents to downsize into as children move away.
  2. Affordable accommodation for newcomers is available.
  3. There is good provision and of nurseries and children’s centres.

A real sense of being an escape from the city.

  1. There has been careful planning and protection of sightlines: the hilly nature of Tilehurst has been taken into account and capitalised on when new houses, shops and other facilities have been built or redeveloped, preserving views into the AONB and across the Thames into Oxfordshire.
  2. There is good access to the countryside without needing to get into a car. Development on the edge of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is seen as a gateway to the countryside for all residents, rather than a hard barrier between town and country.
  3. Green spaces within the built area have been maintained and developed for sports and leisure activities.
  4. Development that minimises depletion of natural resources has been encouraged.

Many residents choose to work and run businesses from home.

  1. There is superfast broadband access.
  2. Those wishing to extend or add a home office have been encouraged.
  3. ‘Community hubs’, created for business and community use are thriving, offering shared resources and places to meet colleagues and customers.

Everyone who lives here is sharing in its success – a real sense of community

  1. CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding has been carefully allocated in line with the Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. Infrastructure has been upgraded to meet the needs of the community.
  3. Projects that help build communities have been prioritized.
  4. The ‘community hubs’, which have evolved from existing Parish Council centres and recreation grounds, are in frequent use by a wide cross-section of the community. They are provided with appropriate facilities and resources to meet community needs and expectations into the 21st century.