Local Green Spaces

Local Green Space designation (LGS) is a way to protect local green areas of particular importance to local communities. One way to designate LGS areas is within a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), and we intend to do this in the Tilehurst NDP. There are strict rules about what can and can’t be designated an LGS. The area must be:

  • Reasonably close to the community it serves
  • Demonstrably special to a local community- fulfilling one or more of the following-
    • Beauty
    • Historic significance
    • Recreational valie
    • Tranquility
    • Richness of wildlife
  • Local in character- not an extensive tract of land
  • and take existing designations into account

There is much more information – and further links- at this site.

The steering group started with a long list of potential sites and evaluated them against the criteria, also taking into account representations from the local community and land owners. As a result we now have a short list of proposed sites. When we start consulting on the draft plan (not long now!) we’ll be asking your opinion about the plan in general and about the LGS designation in particular. In one case we have had suggestions to expand the designated area and we’ll be specifically asking your thoughts on this proposal.

We’ll be talking a lot more about the draft plan and “regulation 14” consultation in the coming weeks. Meantime don’t hesitate to contact the steering group if you have questions or comments.

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