Further proposals for Stonehams Farm

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Frontier Estates are developing proposals for a care home for the elderly and new family homes at Stonehams Farm, Long Lane, Tilehurst. This is adjacent to the site currently being developed for 66 residential dwellings by Darcliffe Homes.

There will be a public exhibition on Wednesday October 3rd 2018 between 2.00pm and 8.00pm at Tilehurst Youth and Community Centre, 23 The Triangle, Tilehurst, RG30 4RN. The developers say that the plans are at an early stage and they are keen to involve local people in shaping the final development.

We encourage you to attend this event, ask questions, and let us know your opinions by commenting below. Your feedback will help us to focus on the issues to be addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan.

2 Responses

  1. Steve Hickin says:

    This would undoubtedly have a greater detrimental impact than housing. Apart from constant endless visitors to the care home, there would be much more heavy commercial traffic with daily food deliveries, linen deliveries, refuse collections on a large scale as well as ambulance transfers, maintenance vehicles etc, all accessed off an already busy narrow lane with bends.

  2. Alan Wade says:

    My principal objection to the Care Home proposal, which was over ruled by the West Berks planning committee, supports Steve Hinkin’s comments in that no provision is being made for the improvements to the infrastructure around this area of Long Lane. The Darcliffe development of 66 dwellings adjacent to the Care Home proposed area, would generate approximately 120 car movements twice a day. Quite a lot of these car movements would use the narrow section of Long Lane which the Care Home traffic would also need to use to gain access to the Care Home. Even before these developments are complete, three quick survey over 30 minutes at rush hour time has shown at least 8 cars are stationary at least seven times awaiting space to drive through the four pinch points and the dip. With lorries, ambulances etc accessing Stonehams Farm will significantly increase this problem.

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