Evidence Documents & Reference Material

Getting Started

Approval of the Neighbourhood Plan Area June 2016

Forming the steering group- the constitution (Created 2015, updated October 2018)

Introducing the plan at the Parish Assembly, May 2015

April 2016 Kick-Off Meetings- first public consultations

Feedback received from the two April “Drop-In” days (16/04/2016 and 23/04/2016).

Gathering Evidence, Building Engagement

Photo Competition

Example Flyers and other publicity.

Residents’ Survey

Analysis of the results of the Residents’ Survey carried out in Nov/Dec 2019.

Regulation 14 Consultation

Public Meetings

2022-10-01 Attendee Map
2022-09-23 Attendee Map
2022-10-01 Attendee Map
2022-10-01 Attendee Map
2022-10-05 Attendee Map
2022-10-05 Attendee Map

Statutory consultees invited to respond to the consultation

Press Release

Consultee responses (with categorisation and disposition)

Responses received by email

Thames Water:

Town (Pincents Hill):

Opus Works (Calcot Park Golf Club and Bewley Homes)

Mid and West Berkshire Local Access Forum