Public Referendum

Before a Neighbourhood Plan can be “made” and become part of the West Berkshire Council Development Plan (which means it then must be taken account when making planning decisions in our area), it has to get a majority voting for it in a public referendum.

Who will be eligible to vote

All registered voters in Tilehurst Parish Council will be eligible to vote.  Polling cards will be sent out and voting will be at polling stations as for normal elections.  Postal voting will be available to those who are registered for it.

The Referendum Question

The referendum question will be a straight “yes” or “no” on the entire Plan, as mandated by Neighbourhood Planning regulations.  People won’t be able to vote for or against individual policies.

The question will be probably be:

“Do you want West Berkshire Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Tilehurst Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

If 50% or more of those voting, vote ‘yes’, the Neighbourhood Plan will come into force and become part of West Berkshire Councils Development Plan.  All the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will direct and influence future planning decisions in our area.

If more than 50% vote ‘no’, there will be no Neighbourhood Plan at all for our area.

Having a Plan or not will not affect whether development takes place.  Development will happen, whether there is a Neighbourhood Plan in place or not.  If there is no Plan, none of the policies in it, which set out the type of development that is in keeping with our area’s character and where it should go, and the importance of the community being consulted, will have any effect.  Future planning decisions will instead be based on West Berkshire Councils policies and national guidance.