Quiz: Tilehurst footpaths

Can you navigate Tilehurst's footpaths? Try our fun quiz and find out how much you know about your local area.

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1 of 14. Where in the Parish would you start if you wanted to follow footpath TILE 12/1 to Sulham Dovecot?

2 of 14. Who keeps the record of definitive rights of way in Tilehurst Parish?

3 of 14. This is one end of the longest footpath in Tilehurst Parish. What is the name of the road at the other end?

4 of 14. What is the approximate total length of public rights of way in Tilehurst Parish, as recorded on the definitive map?

5 of 14. Most of Tilehurst's footpaths are designated by numbers only, but a few have names. This footpath is called Lendhams Lane - where is it?

6 of 14. Where in Tilehurst Parish would you see this sign?

7 of 14. This bridleway has been involved in a planning dispute for many years over access to build a pair of houses. Which two roads does it join?

8 of 14. Landowners can submits declarations under the Highways Act in attempt to prevent the dedication of rights of way on their land. One such submission was made in Tilehurst in 2010 by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution in relation to the land adjacent to this public right of way. What is it called?

9 of 14. An application for a Definitive Map Modification Order to create a new public right of way was made in 2009 in Tilehurst Parish in relation to this route, which crossed a proposed development site. Which two places does the route join?

10 of 14. Some of the public rights of way in Tilehurst Parish are waymarked as recreational routes. What name are these given on the OS 1:25,000 Explorer Map?

11 of 14. The same routes are also known as Sulham Valley Circular Walks. Where would you find this sign?

12 of 14. If you follow footpath 7/1 from here, what is the first building you encounter?

13 of 14. This is another public right of way in Tilehurst Parish that has a name. What is it?

14 of 14. Which road is behind you as you enter this bridleway?

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