Privacy policy for Residents’ Survey

What personal information do we collect?

We do not collect personal information that relates to an identifiable person.

We use a code to ensure only households within the boundary of the Neighbourhood Plan submit surveys, but these do not identify a specific individual or address. We have generated a sufficient quantity of unique codes for every household in the survey area. These codes are printed on the survey invitations, which are put into envelopes. Envelopes are not addressed and are shuffled before distribution. Neither the survey printers or distributors are aware which houses receive which unique codes. We have no way of linking the code to a specific address. We simply verify that the code is one of the unique codes we generated, to validate that the survey invitation is genuine.

Within the survey we do ask for some demographic information (numbers of residents in various age groups) and for a postcode. This is used to help us ensure we have a statistically appropriate distribution of responses, and to enable us to report aggregated data by age group and/or location within the area. This information does not relate to an identifiable person. If you have concerns about providing this information, please skip these questions- they are optional.

We have configured the survey provider not to collect IP addresses. This allows multiple people to complete the survey from the same computer, and prevents us from identifying a respondent. You can find out more online regarding the Privacy Policy and Security Statement of our survey application provider (“SurveyMonkey”).

How will we use responses?

We will use responses to residents’ opinions about future development in Tilehurst. This will be important evidence as we develop the Neighbourhood Plan.

We will analyse survey responses aggregated together. We will not report individual responses, and we cannot link a response to a specific individual. We may quote specific free-text comments where these help clarify or substantiate statistically significant findings at an aggregate level, but we will not do this if the comment is identifiable as coming from a specific individual. Summarised findings will be published on the Neighbourhood Plan website, and a number of public events are planned where we will present summarised findings and solicit further feedback and answer residents’ questions. The aggregated survey data will be included as evidence with the Neighbourhood Plan when it is submitted for review.

Will responses be disclosed to anyone else?

Individual responses will not be disclosed to anyone other than the small team conducting analysis of the results in order to summarise and draw statistically valid conclusions.

Summarised results will be made available to the public through the Neighbourhood Plan web site, and will be submitted as evidence with the Plan.

Is it possible to access your own submitted survey response?

No. Since we do not collect personally identifiable information, and we do not collect IP addresses it is not possible for us to find the survey you submitted in order for you to change or delete it.

How to contact us.

We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions relating to the survey specifically, or about the Neighbourhood Plan in general. Please contact us using the form at the Neighbourhood Plan web site or by letter at the Parish Council Offices:

Tilehurst Parish Council, Parish Office, Highview, Calcot, Reading, RG31 4XD.