Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Groups will be set up to work on aspects of the Plan relating to specific topics.  It will be the role of these groups to help identify what the main issues are, consider possible approaches to deal with these issues, to consult with local residents and businesses and other stakeholders and to canvass the community as a whole for their views, and to draft the sections of the plan.

Possible Working Groups are:

      • Housing and the Environment
      • Community
      • Economy
      • Transport and infrastructure.

(definition of Working Groups is in progress)

In the later stages of the Plan’s development, members of different Working Groups will start working together in multi-interest teams to address issues relating to particular sites or areas and to develop potential options for them.

Working Group members will also be heavily involved in gathering and collating all the evidence, which is needed to support the content and policies in our Neighbourhood Plan.