Steering Group Meetings

The Steering Group has been meeting every month since we started this project many years ago. These meetings have always been open to the public (even when we had to do them on Zoom during the Covid lockdowns) and it has been great to meet everyone, answer your questions and hear your views. Together with the more formal mechanism (the surveys, public meetings and regulation 14 consultation), these meetings have kept the Steering Group focussed on delivering a Plan that works for the whole community.

Following the Regulation 14 consultation we have updated the document to reflect many of the suggestions and comments we received. While the substance and principles of the document have not changed, we have incorporated many formatting and structural changes to make it easier to read, and fixed many grammatical oversights in the original draft.

We are finalizing the accompanying “Consultation Document” and “Basic Conditions” document. As soon as these are ready, the Parish Council has approved the document for submission to West Berkshire Council. We’ll be posting the finalized documents here at the same time.

This means the Steering Group has effectively completed the task set for it by Tilehurst Parish Council and we will be suspending our regular meetings. We will remain on standby, ready and willing to answer any questions from West Berkshire Council- or, indeed, any members of the community.

Thank you for your support so far and looking forward to the next step towards the referendum.

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