Steering group update: February 2017

Over our last two meetings we have been discussing a ‘Vision Statement’ for Tilehurst, which we will shortly be circulating for public feedback.

A ‘Vision Statement’ describes what we want the neighbourhood to be like at the end of the plan period. From…

“Your neighbourhood plan’s vision should be locally distinctive and capture what makes your area unique. The vision is key to the development of your neighbourhood plan because the objectives and policies should stem from the vision. There should be a clear thread running from the vision to the policies in your plan. The right vision will give people a sense of ownership of your neighbourhood plan and help you to secure community buy in to the changes you would like to see over the plan period.”

More information is available here:

We have also been making plans for our forthcoming photo contest, which will be open to all with an exciting range of prizes sponsored by local businesses.

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