Come to our Steering Group meeting on Wednesday 19th October

Steering Group meeting
Meeting of the Steering Group on 21st September 2016

The next meeting of the Steering Group will be on Wednesday 19th October at 7.30pm in the Calcot Centre, RG31 4XD. At our last meeting we reviewed progress and timescale for the plan and assigned topics to working groups.

The working groups are

  • Business & Economy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Transport, Infrastructure & Amenities
  • Relationship with other Authorities
  • Environment
  • Security & Policing
  • Future sites for development

We also formalised membership of the Steering Group and will post details as soon as they are fully confirmed.

We still need people to help us gather evidence, and invite you to come along to our next meeting and find out more. Whether you have an interest in or knowledge of a particular subject, or would be happy to help out generally, we would welcome your participation.

2 Responses

  1. Richard Tindale says:

    As a long time resident of Tilehurst (1958 – 1998) and a frequent visitor to family in Tilehurst, I hope you will permit me to make an observation on traffic management.

    Between Tilehurst ‘village’ and Kentwood, of the 3 available routes, those via Overdown Rd and Kentwood Hill are slow and congested resulting in an increasing level of traffic via Westwood Rd/Oak Tree Rd which has no speed control management. I observed a number of cars speeding along the Kentwood end during a recent visit, one car travelling at least 60mph passing the lower entrance to Newbery Park and seconds before some children exited the park onto the road. (The pavement at this point is on the opposite side of the road to the park entrance). An accident is waiting to happen and hopefully you can press for some traffic control to be provided before it does. My grandchildren live in Oak Tree Road.

    regards, Richard Tindale

  2. Kevin Page says:

    Hello Richard,
    Thanks for taking the time to send this feedback. The focus of the Neighbourhood Plan is deciding the location, scale and type of development appropriate for Tilehurst. But we are very aware of the importance of good traffic management and the relevance of transport policy to the plan. As you can see above, we have a working group dedicated to transport and infrastructure because of this close link to the Plan. We will certainly take your comments into account.

    Regarding the specifics of your concerns, I would urge you to contact Reading Borough Council ( with details, as the roads you mention all come under their responsibility and are outside the Parish boundary.

    Thanks again.

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