Last chance for our photo contest

The contest closes on September 18th – so there’s still time to enter, and to vote for the winners. We have received nearly 100 entries so far, across four categories. However, there are still only two entries in the under-13’s category for ‘Tilehurst – the good’, so there’s a big opportunity there for young photographers if you move quickly! Whilst the technical quality of the entries will be a factor in choosing the winners, the judges will be more interested in pictures that tell a story about Tilehurst and convey what really matters to the photographer about the neighbourhood.

Please visit the contest online for more details, or you can upload photos directly from this link.

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  1. Kate says:

    I have posted one of my photos in the wrong category, it has gone in the under 13 by mistake, I did it on my phone. It’s the one with the Star Wars storm trooper, can you amend, thanks I think a couple of other people might have done the same.

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