What are the issues in Tilehurst?

We want our photo contest to to highlight your concerns about the place where you live. Please have a look at our gallery – you can vote for individual entries, or there are still two weeks left to enter the contest yourself.

We are working to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Tilehurst and want to know what you think. Our next meeting is on Wednesday September 20th and is open to all Tilehurst residents. We particularly welcome anyone who wishes to become involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Please share this post with your neighbours so we can reach a wider audience.

2 Responses

  1. Carol Atkins says:

    Motorbikes going across Cotswold Rec, people supplying drugs at the edge of the rec . Are probably the biggest issues for us at the moment.

    • David says:

      Very much agree. Needs action to stop this – have noticed both scooters going across as well as the supply of drugs.

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