Steering group update: November 2016

Time has flown past since our October meeting, but we continue to make good progress. The minutes of the October meeting are available here. Full minutes of the November meeting will be published in December but, meanwhile, here is a quick summary.

We have started to identify potential sites, and will be working on the best way to publish them and get feedback. We also discussed ways in which we’ll gather your suggestions for potential sites.

Building on the maps that were so popular at the open days, we are putting together more information to stimulate comment and get your thoughts. This will start appearing here very soon.

We discussed feedback about transport, and bus routes in particular. We’ll be working with the local bus companies to understand their plans, and with West Berkshire Council to make sure we have reliable traffic data to help us make good planning decisions.

We made plans for our upcoming meeting with West Berkshire Council, and reviewed the progress of other neighbourhood plans. We want to learn from what they have done well and avoid repeating any mistakes.

Running a project like this takes a lot of time and effort, and unfortunately there are also some costs involved. We are doing our best to minimize the costs, and we are looking at ways we can raise funds to help keep the project running efficiently.

And last, but not least, we put some more detail on the “Good, Bad and Ugly” photo competition. We decided to launch the competition early in 2017. This gives all of us something to look forward to after the festive break, and it will be a nice project for anyone lucky enough to get a new camera (or phone!) from Santa. Look out for details here in the new year.

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