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Your responses to development in Tilehurst

These are the main issues raised by your recent comments on Facebook and our website: Stonehams Farm development proposals Regret at erosion of countryside. Acknowledgment of need for housing. Inadequate infrastructure. Insufficient parking provision. Heavier impact of care home compared with housing, particularly related to deliveries and traffic problems. Pincents...


Further proposals for Stonehams Farm

Frontier Estates are developing proposals for a care home for the elderly and new family homes at Stonehams Farm, Long Lane, Tilehurst. This is adjacent to the site currently being developed for 66 residential dwellings by Darcliffe Homes. There will be a public exhibition on Wednesday October 3rd 2018 between...


Consultation on proposals for Stonehams Farm

At the same time as the Pincents Lane public exhibition, Darcliffe Homes are holding a public consultation on their development proposals for Stonehams Farm. Outline planning permission has been granted for up to 66 residential dwellings on this site. We encourage you to attend this event, ask questions, and let...


New proposals for Pincents Lane

Tell us your opinions on the latest proposals for Pincents Lane. We encourage you to visit the public exhibition at the Calcot Centre on 20-22nd September 2018 and let us know what you think. Please comment below, send us an email, or use our contact form.


We need more volunteers!

Do you live in or near Tilehurst Parish? Or do you have an interest through school, work, or leisure activities? We are a small but growing group of volunteers working closely with Tilehurst Parish Council. We need people with a wide range of skills and interests, including communications, PR, social...

Footpath Quiz 0

Can you navigate Tilehurst’s footpaths?

Are you a whiz with a compass and map, or do you get lost as soon as you leave the highway? Following the success of our quiz on the boundaries of Tilehurst Parish, we now challenge your local knowledge of public rights of way. Try our quiz on Tilehurst’s footpaths...


Achievements in 2017

2017 has been an eventful year for Tilehurst Neighbourhood Plan. Over the summer we conducted a successful photo competition on the theme of “Tilehurst: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. This had two aims: To build community awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan and engagement with our website. To gather...


How well do you know Tilehurst?

When we tested this quiz on the steering group, we found that even the locals get confused sometimes. You might think, for example, that Tilehurst Parish and Tilehurst electoral ward are the same, when in fact they are completely different areas. Or that the Reading-West Berkshire divide would follow the...


Photo contest results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the “Good, Bad and the Ugly” photo competition. Thank you to all the talented photographers who took part, and to everyone who visited the gallery and “liked” their favourites. We were amazed by both the number and quality of the entries. The...


Last chance for our photo contest

The contest closes on September 18th – so there’s still time to enter, and to vote for the winners. We have received nearly 100 entries so far, across four categories. However, there are still only two entries in the under-13’s category for ‘Tilehurst – the good’, so there’s a big...


What are the issues in Tilehurst?

We want our photo contest to to highlight your concerns about the place where you live. Please have a look at our gallery – you can vote for individual entries, or there are still two weeks left to enter the contest yourself. We are working to create a Neighbourhood Plan...